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  • More than 100 years experience
    Cachemir umbrella, Gaudi umbrellas, RSQ1912 umbrellas and Toldifust parasols, our prime brands

Our history


Our beginnings

Inheriting the know-how of our ancestors and picking up the baton of a business with over 100 years experience in the manufacture of umbrella components, at RUSQUÉ we have been awarded the Centenary Company Diploma of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in recognition of our commendable corporate track record.

Our company was founded in 1912 by Mr Ángel Rusqué in a small, pioneering workshop in an inland town of Catalonia. For many years, RUSQUÉ had the privilege of being the only company in Spain specialised in the manufacture of umbrella components.

Our present

RUSQUÉ remains a family company and is now in its fourth generation. We offer our customers one of the most comprehensive umbrella collections on the Spanish market thanks to the experience we’ve acquired over the course of an entire century.

We strive to evolve and improve on a daily basis, as is clear to see in our main brands Cachemir - CHR, Gaudi Barcelona, RSQ1912 which incorporate the latest features and fashion trends in all their models, from the most classic and elegant to the latest creations. Toldifust, is the brand of our manufacturing parasols.

At RUSQUÉ we are proud to have enjoyed the trust of all our collaborators and customers for so many years. We continue to manufacture our products with the same original passion and take the utmost care down to the last detail, enabling us to offer you an umbrella for every need, with excellent results guaranteed.


Contact with us

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08508 LES MASIES DE VOLTREGÀ (Barcelona, Spain)

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